Michael Burg Is A Lawyer Who Represents Men Hurt By Low Testosterone Drugs

Posted on November 13, 2016 By

Where can men go when they have been injured by drugs sold to them to treat low testosterone? Those who have been hurt by the low testosterone lies and exaggerations can find help with a lawyer who specializes in cases involving bad drugs and product liability. Some lawyers such as Michael Burg represent men who have suffered injury from taking low testosterone drugs. In case a person thinks that bringing a lawsuit against a big drug company for selling dangerous products is hopeless, one law firm has represented over 10,000 clients. These lawsuits brought more than One billion dollars in verdicts and settlements. There is hope for justice.

Do men really need these low testosterone drugs? Are these drugs safe for the majority of men to take? Do they really help most men who take them? There is no need for most men to take these drugs because a reduction in testosterone production is a normal part of aging. We can not stay 30 years old forever. Slowing down a little with less energy and decreased libido and performance as men get to be 50 and older is normal, not a disease. These low testosterone drugs carry significant risks such as heart attacks, strokes, and blood clots in the lungs or legs. These drugs are not approved to treat hypogonadism related to age, so they call it low T. In reality, these drugs will only help a very small percentage of men, those who have classical hypogonadism.

These huge drug companies are inventing a condition called low T, then selling billions of dollars worth of drugs to treat it. The drugs can be dangerous and are not effective for the majority of men. But, the large drug companies flood the airways with advertisements marketing these supplements as a kind of fountain of youth. They pose questions like “Do you have less energy?” and “Do you have less libido and a decrease in erections?” They imply that this is a treatable condition that their supplements will cure. This would be bad enough if the supplements were harmless but they are not. Thousands of men have been injured by these drugs and should have fair compensation. For more information about legal help for men hurt by low testosterone lies, visit the website.


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